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fleur de sel
fleur de sel
fleur de sel

Fleur De Sel

French sun and sea are captured in each delicate crystal of salt, which will melt on your tongue and enhance the flavors of your kitchen. Gathered by hand off the coast of the tiny Île de Ré, this premium salt can only be collected during three months of the year, when the sun is at its strongest. To maintain its natural integrity, SEE SALT’s fleur de sel has never been washed or treated, leaving the “flowers of salt” in their purest form.


There is always something … Beautiful

SEE SALT believes that there is always something beautiful and delicious to create. Through our video recipes our goal is to create actionable, realistic, affordable, and beautiful recipes that inspire you to create experiences with food no matter what the occasion … especially when there is no occasion at all.

Use it Everyday

This fleur de sel is meant to be kept on your counter and used daily. You won’t want to miss out on any opportunity to pinch and sprinkle it on to all things sweet and savory alike! The light delicate flakes will not overpower, but rather softly enhance each bite. All great chefs understand the importance of a great finishing salt. Here at SEE SALT we want to bring this secret to your humble kitchen.


Hand harvested in Île de Ré, France this premium salt was historically raked by women because of it’s delicate nature. This salt can only be gathered three months a year when the sun is at it’s strongest. It has never been washed or treated and remains in it’s natural integrity.

Not Just any salt

  • Hand harvested from a tiny island in France
  • A Fleur de Sel meaning “flower of Salt”
  • Considered the most premium of salts
  • Naturally dried by the wind
  • Naturally bleached from the sun
  • Pure and untreated
  • Remains slightly moist from the ocean
  • Delicate flakes that blossom and enhance flavors

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