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The Confidence to Create

Announcing the best purchase you can make for your kitchen... EVER! This fleur de sel is the perfect start and the perfect finish to every dish. It will blossom on your tongue and make you a believer in a GOOD sea salt...guaranteed. Shop NowView our Video Recipes

There is always something … Beautiful

SEE SALT believes that there is always something beautiful and delicious to create. Through our video recipes our goal is to create actionable, realistic, affordable, and beautiful recipes that inspire you to create experiences with food no matter what the occasion … especially when there is no occasion at all.


Our vision is to inspire you to have the confidence to create in your kitchen. Let us teach you simple ways to elevate your cooking and presentation through recipes, videos and simple tips. We believe fresh ingredients are the perfect start and good sea salt is the perfect finish.

Be Inspired


All salt is not created equal. Here are few reasons why our salt is different.

  • Hand harvested from a tiny island in France
  • A Fleur de Sel meaning “flower of Salt”
  • Considered the most premium of salts
  • Naturally dried by the wind
  • Naturally bleached from the sun
  • Pure and untreated
  • Remains slightly moist from the ocean
  • Delicate flakes that blossom and enhance flavors
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Now go create! We believe in food that is practical yet elevated.  Our salt is to be used and loved. Don’t be afraid to explore. Be sure to to visit our recipe section for inspiration to fuel your culinary creativity!

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