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Fleur De Sel

Hand harvested off the coast of France, naturally bleached from the sun, and dried by the wind, our fleur de sel is actually a healthy way to add the most superior flavor and texture to your recipes. The perfect addition to your kitchen and a fabulous gift. If you don’t believe us, hear what others are saying below.

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SEE SALT is a great addition to my kitchen! I add a pinch to almost everything I prepare, from main dishes to sweet treats–it makes everything delicious!

– Nicki

I am obsessed! I’m a mom on the go so we eat out a ton. The take along tin is a life changer! So much flavor in every bite.

– Coley

I never knew there was a difference in the quality of sea salts. Until SEE SALT opened my eyes and taste buds. Now, I will never use generic sea salt again.

– Zac Metzker

Using SEE SALT’s Fleur de Sel gave a special touch to our summer seasonal mixer. Adding the Fleur de Sel to our fresh grapefruit mixer gave it a layer of complexity that you couldn’t achieve with just any salt.

– Kaylee, Iconic Cocktail

The fleur de sel from SEE SALT not only adds a sense of beauty to anything it is sprinkled on, but it has turned me into a true believer that not all salts are created equal. I now use it on everything and love adding it to gifts!

– Carrie

I ran out of See Salt and my son refused to eat his veggies without it. (true story!)

– Stephanie


All salt is not created equal. Here are few reasons why our salt is different.

  • Hand harvested from a tiny island in France
  • A Fleur de Sel meaning “flower of Salt”
  • Considered the most premium of salts
  • Naturally dried by the wind
  • Naturally bleached from the sun
  • Pure and untreated
  • Remains slightly moist from the ocean
  • Delicate flakes that blossom and enhance flavors


Shop all of our custom products that are the perfect addition to making your life more flavorful.

Fleur De Sel Take a Long Tin

Take Along


Fleur De Sel Take a Long Tin

Hand Made Salt


Fleur De Sel Take a Long Tin

Seasonal Cocktail


There is always something … Beautiful

SEE SALT believes that there is always something beautiful and delicious to create. Through our video recipes our goal is to create actionable, realistic, affordable, and beautiful recipes that inspire you to create experiences with food no matter what the occasion … especially when there is no occasion at all.


Our vision is to inspire you to have the confidence to create in your kitchen. Let us teach you simple ways to elevate your cooking and presentation through recipes, videos and simple tips. We believe fresh ingredients are the perfect start and good sea salt is the perfect finish.

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